Version 0.9.8: Added LDDP compatible plugin support. Install them in the plugins subdirectory off the directory containing the ldglite executable. (For now you still must run LDDP at least once to set the LDRAW path for the plugins.) In LEDIT mode, press /EP to display the list of plugins. Start typing to narrow the search. Use the PageUp, PageDown, and arrow keys to scroll through the plugin list. Then press enter to start the plugin. For the Bezier plugin, you must first create 2 hose end parts, and then start the plugin with the 2nd hose part highlighted. Also created a plugin wrapper for ldlist. Just grab the ldlist plugin and ldlist and install both in the plugins directory. Then you can launch ldlist from ldglite just like any other plugin and drag and drop parts into the ldglite window.

Version 0.9.7: Added LEDIT compatible part lookup. Press the enter key when changing parts. Start typing to narrow the search. Use the PageUp, PageDown, and arrow keys to scroll through the part list. Press the ? key to display a part, but remain in lookup mode.

Version 0.9.6: Numerous changes. Offscreen only makefile. Mui Menus. Drag and drop support from ldlist.

The Edit menu now also contains a bezier hoser function based on code contributed by Chris Daelman.

Insert 2 hose end parts (like 750.dat). Then with the second part highlighted, type /EH50 and press the enter key to create a 50 segment hose.

Parts currently recognized as hose ends are 750.dat, 752.dat, 755.dat, 76.dat, 79.dat, and stud3a.dat.

Version 0.9.5: Fixed code to compile on Mac OSX and FreeBSD. Documented turn menu and rotate menu. Documented DOS version. Fixed edge colors on inliner. Fixed font in DOS version. Added turn axis visible toggle. Added support for "0 CLEAR" lines. Added ldglite command line output, l3p cmdline, and POV camera section output. Nudged antialiased lines up in depth buffer to clean them up. Cleaned up to use less memory. Moved Turn menu to Rotate. Made Turn more like LEDIT. Added Turn Center & Origin menus. Fixed display problem caused by ledit mode. Added OSMesa 4.0 max dimensions check. Fixed mouse spin limit. Skip glutGet(SCREEN_WIDTH) if OffScreenRendering. Delay glutInit() for OSMesa. AGL double buffer. Fleshed out AGL glut stubs.
Version 0.9.4: Merged source and features with ldlite 2.3. Added offscreen rendering for Mesa and Windows using -mS (must be capital S). Fixed some LEDIT mode bugs when saving files. Tinted the current line reddish in LEDIT mode. Ported to MSDOS using djgpp and AllegroGL. Added -vX,Y option for arbitrary window/image sizes. Fixed maximum image width bug. Added linear and exponential fogging for depth cueing with -ff. Added 1 and 5 degree rotations with F3-F6 keys. Ported to 64bit Alpha linux platform. Documented MIME type settings for Win2K.
Version 0.9.2: No LEdit emulation mode changes this time. Instead I added camera, lighting, and zbuffer clip control to the commandline. I also added commandline options to turn off edge lines and enable the eps output (for testing only). I also changed the default zbuffer values to fix the zfighting bug seen with skimpy depth buffers like the Mesa default. This version also adds an icon for Windows and more source code compatibility with ldlite 2.0.
Version 0.9.1d: More LEdit emulation mode fixes and enhancements (mostly in an attempt to do some part authoring). Allow polling in LEdit mode. Render solid primitives visibly when in XOR mode. Extended the LEdit Piece menu with options for (x,y,z) location, (x,y,z) scale, matrix replacement, and a part inliner. Fixed file save for new files.
Version 0.9.1c: Added support for primitives in LEdit mode. Added LEdit mode extension to allow adding type 2-5 primitives in the linetype menu.
Version 0.9.1b: Fixed stud-as-line toggle. Fixed jumpy spin in LEdit mode. Added part color lookup hint in LEdit mode. See below.

Version 0.9.1a: Fixed the crash when the arrow keys were used on a comment or a primitve line in LEdit mode.
Version 0.9.1: Made arrow keys more compatible with LEdit in alternate views. Made the Turn menu more compatible with LEdit. Added stop-at-current and draw-to-current in LEdit options menu. Fixed swap current and next piece. Made XOR hilighted parts much more visible by using the stencil buffer. This is especially true for head on views where the XORed lines tended to cancel each other out. Added -le and -LE command line options to start up in LEdit emulation mode. This also works if the program name has "ledit" in it. Fixed the documentation to say CTRL-Insert (not ALT-Insert) enters the LEdit emulation mode with solid moving pieces. Pressing the ALT key in combination with Insert or CTRL-Insert will turn on some more LEdit defaults such as lines for studs and drawing only up to the current piece. This can be done on the command line with -ledit or -LEDIT instead of -le or -LE.
Version 0.9.0: Added LEdit emulation mode. The Insert key toggles LEdit emulation mode. CTRL-Insert keeps the moving piece solid. Some key bindings were changed for compatibility with LEdit. See readme.txt for details. Parts.lst searching is not yet implemented. You can use the printable parts catalog to lookup part numbers, or (on Windows) you can use the Visual Element Catalog from LDAO.

Version 0.8.0: Made gold and chrome shinier. Fixed some bugs in twirl mode. Got rid of the complete redisplay for every step when in step mode. (big speed boost there). Added a tiled rendering option for output images larger than the screen. Use -Ux,y on the command line to build and save an image larger than the screen made out of several tiles, each the size of the ldglite window. This can be used in combination with the -W option for wide lines and/or the -Q switch for antialiased lines to generate high quality instructions. Currently this dumps PPM files instead of BMP files. PNG works, but transparent backgrounds and cropping are not supported in tiled mode. Ldglite automatically exits after saving the images (much like the -MS mode).

Version 0.7.3: Fixed version 0.7.2 segfault with Mesa. Apparently Mesa likes a CreateWindow() before glDrawBuffer(). Fixed some nagging problems with case sensitive filenames in the L3 parser. Added line width and antialiasing to the command line options. See readme.txt for details. Antialiasing can also be toggled on the fly with the line quality menu option and the Q key. The following picture was created with antialiasing and linewidth set to 2.5.

Version 0.7.2: Switched to double buffered mode during spinning. Added shift and ctrl (solid box and solid studless) spin modifiers for L3 compatibility. Added a moving viewpoint "camera" with arrow keys. Fixed up makefiles to make just one executable with both the ldlite and L3 parsers. See readme.txt for details. The ldraw parts path is now read from ldraw.ini (windows only) if the LDRAWDIR environment variable is not set. Spinning no longer increments the current step in step mode. Added poll mode toggle and version info to the menu.
Version 0.7.1: Made shading the default mode. Added stud toggle option (l3glite only). Added many spin modes from rubberband line to wireframe to solid. Toggle with the v key. Pick the mode that works best for you.
Version 0.7: Fixed spin mode. Added output image cropping. Added fullscreen gamemode (requires glut 3.7). Added file open menu. Many small bug fixes.

Version 0.6: Added BMP and PNG output. See makefile for details. Added L3 parser compile time option. (Added l3glite project files for VC++) Fixed MPD file support. Added STEP command support. Added polling mode for external control. Added spin mode via command line and with the mouse. Mouse spinning needs work. The rotation matrix quickly becomes non-orthogonal. Yuck! Fiddling with GLUI menus for more advanced (but still portable) menus than GLUT can do. (File Open, Save As, etc.)

Version 0.5: Added GLUT menus for different viewpoints and stuff. Fixed bug with files in subdirs off of PARTS and P directories. Fixed bowties by using 3 triangles instead of 1 possibly bad quad.

Version 0.4: Lots of stuff. Fixed problems with paths with space chars. Added shading via the -FH switch. Alternate views via the -A switch work. Fixed crash after 2nd render. Faster rendering (especially X-windows). Mac version. Switched to orthographic view like LdLite (projection is still available via -J command line switch).

Version 0.3: Chdir to the directory of the ldraw file so it can find included files in the same directory. Reexamined glPolygonOffset code to fix type 2 lines. I think I understand the arguments to that function now. Made the far clipping plane a positive distance from the viewpoint to eliminate the empty window bug where everything is clipped.

Version 0.2: Added translucent pieces. Added command line parsing. Merged linux and windows sources. Added LDRAWDIR and LDRAWDIRCASE environment variables.

Version 0.1: Initial version. A real mess.
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