LdGLite to POV)

You can use the latest version of ldglite along with the fabulous l3p to create a POV scene that matches what you see in the ldglite window. Sort of a poor man's scene modeler. Spin your model with the mouse, zoom in or out with the + and - keys, and then press the F12 key to dump an ldglite command line, some POV camera settings, and an l3p command line:

LDGLITE -v3 -l3 -J -s1.23457 -a0.864979,-0.269922,0.42302,0.498946,0.372797,-0.782351,0.0534718,0.887785,0.457138 castlerot.dat

camera {
        #declare PCT = 0; // Percentage further away
        #declare STEREO = 0; // Normal view
        //#declare STEREO =  degrees(atan2(1,12))/2; // Left view
        //#declare STEREO = -degrees(atan2(1,12))/2; // Right view
        location <-75.6439,-743.263,-319.586>
        sky <-0.404146,-0.301965,0.633704>
        right    -4/3*x
        look_at <-32.3317,-24.1572,50.6963>
        angle 60
        rotate   <0,1e-5,0> // Prevent gap between adjecent quads

l3p -cc-75.6439,-743.263,-319.586 -cla-32.3317,-24.1572,50.6963 -ca60 castlerot.dat -b15
Run the generated l3p command line. Then cut and paste the camera settings into the POV file in place of the settings generated by l3p. Run POV on it and there you go.

Remember, pressing the j key makes ldglite display using an orthographic projection, and pressing the J key makes it use a perspective projection. For some reason the perspective view doesn't quite exactly match. I'm working on it. The orthographic projection lines up pretty well.

Also the camera settings will match the ldglite screen, but the l3p command line currently only supports the perspective projection. POV and l3p lighting settings are not yet supported in ldglite, but I'm open to suggestions on how to this could be implemented. I try to keep up with comments posted at the Lugnet Cad Development newsgroup.